How to Unprotect PDF in 3 Easy Ways

Unprotecting a PDF file is not a difficult task anymore. You need to know the right tools and the proper method to carry out the process. After that, you can easily remove all types of restrictions from a PDF. The thing that creates hustle in this scenario is selecting the right tool to carry out the process. There are different tools available to make a password-protected PDF into an unprotected one. Three different tools and a complete guide on how to make PDF unprotected are mentioned below.

How to Unprotect PDF File

One of the best tools known as aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is the best answer to the queries like how to make unprotected PDF files, password-protected PDFs unprotected, etc. It has multiple unique features that discriminate it from others. One of the features is that it supports batch processes and allows you to remove security from multiple PDF files at one time, which its users like most. The easy-to-use interface is another plus point you can add on.

To erase all types of restrictions from a PDF file, you need to install the tool on your PC. After setting up it successfully on your PC, you can quickly begin with the process of decryption. The steps to carry out the process are not typical. The product is quite user-friendly and enables its users to carry out the process with complete ease without any difficulty.

Step 1. Add Files

To start the process, the PDF you want to remove the password needs to get uploaded first. Two different approaches could be considered to add files.

  • Click "Add Files", select the PDF or PDFs and click open. All the selected PDFs or PDF only would be uploaded on the dashboard of aJoysoft.
  • You can select a PDF, hold the cursor and drag the file on the window of aJoysoft and upload it there.

unprotect pdf

Step 2. How to Unprotect PDF

After successfully uploading the PDF or PDFs on the app, you can now start converting protected PDF or PDFs into unprotected ones. Click "Remove Password", present on the bottom left of your screen, and the operation will be started. The process would take a few seconds, and the protected PDF will be converted into an unprotected one.

how to unprotect pdf

Note: If the PDF is protected with open password, you need to click the lock icon and enter the open password to prove your rights to the document. Then click the "Remove Password" button to proceed.

How to Unprotect PDF Online

There are a lot of platforms on the internet that offers you unprotected PDF file online. If you are looking for a platform where you can unprotect PDF online, several options are available. Among the multiple options, the three best of the most preferred ones are: pdf2go, Smallpdf, and iLovepdf. The one you think is best for you, you can go with that to convert a protected PDF to an unprotected one.

Let us consider the smallPDF to carry out the process and convert an encrypted PDF to an unprotected PDF.

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website of the tool. The page will load and bring you to the landing page of the Smallpdf. After scrolling down the page, you will see a grid of multiple options on your screen. Click on the "See All PDF Tool" button given at the bottom of the grid, the page will load, and another page with a broader grid of several more options will be opened. Now you need to click on the option "Unlock PDF."
  • The new page that will open is the main page where you will start the procedure. First of all, you need to upload the PDF that you want to decrypt. For that, click on the "Choose File" then select the desired PDF from the window that pops up afterward.
  • Once the PDF is uploaded there, you need to confirm that you have the right to the file decrypting. You need to commit a pinky swear and select the option appearing on the screen. After confirming, click on "Unlock PDF." The process of decryption will be completed.

how to unprotect pdf file

You need to keep one thing in mind. If the PDF you have selected is heavily encrypted, Smallpdf won't unlock it without the password. You need to enter the password to unlock such PDF.

How to Make Password Protected PDF to Unprotect With Google Drive

There is a great technique that you can use to unprotect a PDF. The method we are going to discuss now is by using Google Drive how to unprotect PDF or unprotect PDF without password. You can easily decrypt a PDF by using Google drive applications. There are a few steps that you should know to complete the task. Let's discuss them one by one:

Step 1. Upload PDF to Google Drive

First of all, open your Google drive. Click "Upload File" and select the PDF to upload it on Google Drive.

unprotect pdf file

Step 2. Open PDF with Google Docs

Once the PDF is uploaded on Google Drive, right click the file and open the PDF with Google Docs. The PDF you selected will be opened in Google Docs.

unprotect pdf online

Step 3. Save as a New PDF

After opening the PDF in Google Docs, hover to the "File" menu and select "Print". A window will be displayed on the screen. From there, click on "Save as PDF" and select a location on your desktop and click "Print".

Google Doc will save the PDF on your desktop without any encryption. By using this simple method, you can conveniently decrypt a PDF file.

Removing protection from PDF files will now become easy. Just give this article a complete read, and all your confusion will be cleared.