How to Unencrypt PDF without Password

Why do we encrypt a PDF file? PDF encryption saves Important files from unaccredited access. However, sometimes we may forget the password or we need to copy some content from an encrypted PDF file. In this case, you need to know how to unencrypt PDF. Read on to learn more.

How to Unencrypt a PDF File Step-by-Step

To unencrypt a PDF file, the first thing you need to have is aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. This is a user-friendly tool to help you remove PDF protection effortlessly. Here is a step-by-step guide to unencrypt PDF files without any password and restrictions.

Step 1. Upload PDF Files

Launch the tool on your desktop. And click on the "Add Files" button right at the center of your computer screen. Another way of doing it, you can also drag and drop your PDFs to the interface.

This highly advanced encryption program also supports batch conversions. You can open as many files as you want without a password at one go.

how to unencrypt pdf

Step 2. Unencrypt PDF without Password

If the screen shows no lock on PDF password remover, it indicates that PDF files are restricted from editing, copying, and printing. You can easily get rid of the restriction by clicking the "Remove Password" button at the right bottom corner of the screen.

unencrypt pdf

Step 3. Unencrypt PDF without Password (Optional)

Some PDFs are restricted from opening. In that case, a program can easily detect that and shows a lock icon on the document lock.

In response, click the lock icon, enter the password, and hit the "OK" button to unlock it first. After that click the "Remove Password" button. It also removes all sorts of protection from PDF files such as viewing, editing, copying, and printing restrictions.

how to un encrypt a pdf

How to Unencrypt a PDF File using Google Chrome

You can also unencrypt your PDF file password using Google Chrome for free. Chrome has inbuilt support to open and manage PDF files. Chrome can open PDF files by default and remove the password from the PDF files as well.

Step 1. First of all, make sure your pc has a Chrome extension installed, download the required PDF file on your system.

Step 2. Open the desired PDF file on Chrome. If your file is secured with an open password you'll have to provide the password before opening the file. After entering the required password, click on the "Print" icon.

how to unencrypt pdf without password

create another copy of the PDF file. In this way, your pc will create a new copy of the PDF file that has no password.

Step 3. Select the "Save as PDF" option in the destination, and then finally choose the "Save" button. After all that, the system will ask you to provide the folder name and location of the file.

unencrypt a pdf

In this way, your pc will create a new copy of the PDF file that has no password.


1) These tricks will only work if the PDF file doesn't have printing restrictions If the PDF file has an open password you'll have to enter the open password first.

2) If the PDF has a printing restriction then you'll have to use aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. It is easy, fast, and safe to use and supports batch processes to increase productivity. The best thing is that we have 24/7 quick customer service. Just in case you face any trouble. We are here to back you.

Tips You Need to Know before Encrypting PDF Files

D/f between permission and open password

Permission password (as the name suggests) is related to permission settings. You can restrict copying, printing, and editing in the PDF file by using a permission password.

Open password (is also known as a PDF user password) is a restriction password for the opening of a PDF file.