aJoysoft PDF Password Remover for Windows

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aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is a one-click PDF decryption tool to unlock all restrictions.
– Remove PDF restrictions for editing, copying, and printing
– Remove PDF password for viewing
– Support batch decryption
(This is Perpetual License for aJoysoft Windows version.)

Note: If you want to buy aJoysoft PDF Password Remover for the Mac version, please go to the Mac App Store.

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PDF Password Remover is an easy-to-use PDF security remover, which helps users decrypt PDF protections and remove restrictions on printing, editing, and copying.
Two Steps to Remove Password and Permissions
Step 1: Click "Add Files" to upload the PDF files.
Step 2: Click the "Remove Password" button and remove all the restrictions.
*If an open password is required, users need to enter the right password to unlock PDF files first, and then begin removing the protections.

*Delivery Time: You will receive an order confirmation email within 10 minutes after the order is made. Use the license key(s) in the email to register your product.

Education Discount: aJoysoft offers a 50% discount to help students and education organizations with their studies. Send us an email to [email protected] with your student card or other documentation issued by your school to get your discount.

15 reviews for aJoysoft PDF Password Remover for Windows

  1. Joab Srinivas

    Easy to use. Quickly remove the permission password and allow me to print the document. Recommend!

  2. Mary Stones

    A great tool to remove passwords! I have downloaded a batch of protected PDF documents and needed to copy some text from them. This tool helps me remove all the restrictions with one click, and now I can copy text from the protected PDF documents.

  3. Hussain Dunkley

    A powerful tool to help me remove the password from PDF. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover has an intuitive interface. I can simply drag and drop the file and remove the password and permissions with one click.

  4. Christian D. Northern

    aJoysoft PDF Password Remover's interface is intuitive and no confusion occurs while using it. Even if you are a beginner, you find it easy to use with its simple to understand interface. The tool has allowed me to remove the password effortlessly with just a single click.

  5. Cathy Cameson

    It is very easy to learn and use. I liked how quickly it works since it only requires you import the document, click the "Remove Password" button, and the job is done. There are no limits on the number of PDFs you can unlock with the software, which is a great plus for users.

  6. Kirsten Khanlove

    The software is clean and organized, so no confusion occurs while using it. And most importantly, it is very powerful. It helps me a lot on removing restrictions from PDF documents.

  7. Afsana Jeffery

    The unlocking feature is powerful! It removes password quickly. This app is quite easy to use. With a clean interface, new uses know how to use it without learning.

  8. Karin Chapman

    Awesome! I can remove the password from PDF easily with this tool! It really helps me a lot in my work.

  9. Wendy Mccormack

    It is a good application. I just need to import the locked PDF files and click the "Remove Password" button. The application will remove your password fast.

  10. Mai Bloggs

    This tool helps me a lot! I usually need to remove the restrictions of PDF documents during my daily work and I find aJoysoft PDF Password Remover removes password fast. Really a useful tool.

  11. Riley-James Cuevas

    Powerful software! I can remove the password from PDF quickly. All I need to do is to import the locked PDF document and click "Remove Password". Great work.

  12. Domas Delarosa

    I have a PDF document that is restricted from editing, copying and printing. Then I use aJoysoft PDF Password Remover to help me. It can remove the restrictions without knowing the password. Awesome!

  13. Ellie Schwartz

    I like the UI of this software. Very morden and clean. The first time I launched it, I know how to use it. It helps me remove the password from PDF quickly and I can edit, copy, and print it easily.

  14. Nel Guerrero

    Super easy to use! I can edit and copy the text from the locked PDF now.

  15. Aizah Dupont

    Fast to use. This tool removes the password from my PDF documents fast. I like it to improve my work efficiency a lot.

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