How to Print Locked PDF with 3 Ways

When you want to print locked PDF files, you first need to know what type of password protection has been applied. If it's an Open or User Password, then you definitely need it to open the file. But what if you want to just print locked PDFs that have a password for restrictions - or what is known as a Permissions or Owner Password? In that case, you need a password removal tool or method to help you. Here, we have outlined three different ways in which you can print a locked PDF that has printing restrictions.

  1. Method 1: How to Print Locked PDF Files with aJoysoft PDF Password Remover
  2. Method 2: How to Print Locked PDF Online with Google Chrome
  3. Method 3: How to Print Locked PDF in Google Drive

Method 1: How to Print Locked PDF Files

This purpose-built tool - aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is designed exclusively to remove Permissions Passwords whether these passwords are known or unknown. In addition, you can remove password security if you know the Open Password, and you can even remove printing and other restrictions for as many documents as you want at one time using the Batch Process feature.

Key Features:

  • Instant removal of Permission Password from locked PDF files
  • Remove Open Password requirement after entering the known password
  • Remove restrictions in bulk - no limits on the batch process
  • Simple drag-and-drop and one-click password removal for any number of locked PDFs

The Steps to Print Locked PDF Files

Step 1: Add the Locked PDF to the Queue

Launch the application and start dropping printing-restricted files into the interface. You can also use the Add Files button to do this.

how to print locked pdf

Step 2: Remove the Print Password

Click Remove Password on the bottom right corner, set output folder, and that's it.

print locked pdf

If any of the files have an Open Password, click the lock icon and enter it on the prompt window.

Simple, elegant, and effective: that's aJoysoft PDF Password Remover for you!

Method 2: How to Print Locked PDF Online with Google Chrome

If you don't have a special tool for the job, you can do one-off PDF unlocking using your Google Chrome browser. It's technically a workaround but it'll save you in a pinch.

Step 1: First, drop the PDF into a Chrome tab or right-click it in Explorer and choose Open with → Google Chrome.

Step 2: Next, click the Print icon on the top right corner of the PDF display area to launch the Print dialog.

how to print locked pdf file

Step 3: In the Print dialog, change the Destination setting to Save as PDF, and hit Save at the bottom of the same window.

print locked pdf online

After choosing the target folder and saving the file, you can open it in Chrome again and directly send it to the printer since the printing restrictions have been removed.

Method 3: How to Print Locked PDF in Google Drive

This process is very similar to the previous one and involves printing the file. However, it must first be uploaded to drive for this workaround to succeed.

Step 1: In a Drive window, click New → File Upload or just drag the file from Explorer and drop it into the current Drive folder in view.

Step 2: Right-click the file to preview it, then hit Ctrl+P or use the File → Print command or click the Printer icon on the top right corner to summon the Print dialog.

Step 3: You can either save this as an unsecured PDF (Save as PDF) or directly send it to the printer without having to enter the password.

how to print locked pdf in google drive

Conclusion: All of these methods yield positive results and can remove restrictions on printing and other actions. But which one is the easiest and most user-friendly? aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, obviously. Why? Because it doesn't restrict you to one file at a time and can significantly boost your productivity in the process, not to mention that it's the simplest way to print locked PDF documents with.

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