How to Unlock PDF with iLovePDF: A Stepwise Guide

A while back, I protected an important PDF file with a password but forgot it later on. This made me realize that a lot of other users also look for ways to unlock a PDF document due to different reasons. Thankfully, with the help of tools like iLovePDF, we can easily meet our requirements. Therefore, in this guide, I will let you how to unlock a PDF with iLovePDF and what measures I took to access my PDF documents with the iLovePDF Password Remover tool. Let's get it started!

  1. Part 1: Types of PDF Protections You Must Know
  2. Part 2: How to Unlock a PDF with iLovePDF Online?
  3. Part 3: Advantages and Limitations of the iLovePDF Unlock Tool
  4. Part 4: A Better iLovePDF Password Remover Alternative

Part 1: Types of PDF Protections You Must Know

Before I let you know about the overall features of the iLovePDF unlock tool, let's cover some basics. Ideally, there can be different types of passwords that you can set on a PDF document, including the following:

PDF Open Password: Also known as a PDF user password, this only prevents us from opening a PDF document. Bypassing a PDF open password is comparatively easier as a reliable tool can unlock a PDF by performing a brute force algorithm.

unlock pdf i love pdf

PDF Permission Password: This is also known as a PDF owner password that prevents us from taking any action on the PDF document. That is, you would have to enter its permission password to edit, print, copy, annotate, or modify the document in any way.

i love pdf unlock

Part 2: How to Unlock a PDF with iLovePDF Online?

Ideally, you can easily unlock a PDF with iLovePDF online on any platform of your choice. Apart from unlocking your files, the online application can be used to merge, split, edit, compress, convert, and perform all kinds of operations on PDF documents.

As of now, the iLovePDF remove password tool can get rid of both kinds of passwords (open and permission) from a PDF file. Needless to say, the success rate to unlock an open PDF password on iLovePDF is far better than that of a permission-restricted password. Nevertheless, you can also take the assistance of the iLovePDF unlock tool to meet your requirements in the following way:

Step 1: Load the Locked PDF File on iLovePDF

To start with, you can just head to the official website of the iLovePDF Password Remover on any web browser of your choice. Here, you can drag and drop any PDF file from your system or can just click on the "Select PDF Files" button to browse and load any document. If you want, you can also directly upload your PDF files from Google Drive or Dropbox to iLovePDF.

ilovepdf password remover

Step 2: Check the Added Files and Start the Unlocking Process

As you would select your PDF documents, they would automatically be loaded on the interface of iLovePDF. Here, you can view their details and can add/remove any file of your choice.

pdf unlock i love pdf

Step 3: Download the Unlocked PDF Document

Simply click on the "Unlock PDF" button and wait for a while as iLovePDF would remove the password from the document. Once the process is completed, you will be notified by iLovePDF. You can now download the unlocked PDF on your system, generate its shareable link, or can upload it on Dropbox/Google Drive.

unlock pdf ilovepdf

In this way, you can unlock any PDF with iLovePDF and remove its user or master password.

Free and Paid Versions

The best part is that iLovePDF offers a free version (with watermark) and offers a free trial as well. Though, if you want to remove its watermark from your documents and access its advanced features, then you can get its premium subscription at $3.96 per month (per user).

Part 3: Advantages and Limitations of the iLovePDF Unlock Tool

As you can see, it can be quite easy to unlock a PDF with iLovePDF. Though, before you try the iLovePDF Unlock Tool, you should be aware of its following pros and cons.


  • The overall interface of the iLovePDF password remover is extremely simple and easy to use.
  • It has a high success rate for removing the user (open) passwords for PDF documents.
  • You can use the basic version of iLovePDF for free (with watermarks).


  • While the basic version of iLovePDF can be accessed for free, it will leave watermarks on your documents.
  • To remove watermarks from your PDF files, you can get a premium subscription by paying $3.96 monthly.
  • At times, it can't remove complex permission passwords from PDF files.

Part 4: The Best iLovePDF Password Remover Alternative

As you can see, the iLovePDF Unlock tool has a few limitations and might not meet your advanced requirements. In this case, you can consider using the PDF Password Remover tool from aJoysoft. The desktop application is super easy to use and provides a simple click-through process to remove the open or permission passwords of your documents.

If you want, you can upload up to 200 PDF files and use the batch processing feature of the application to remove their passwords at the same time. Here are a few simple steps that you can take to get rid of any open or permission password from a PDF file with aJoysoft PDF Password Remover.

Step 1: Launch the Application and Load your Locked PDF Files

You can start by launching the aJoysoft PDF Password Remover tool on your system and just click on the "Add Files" button to load your documents to the application. You can also drag and drop multiple files to the aJoysoft PDF Password Remover tool from your system.

ilovepdf remove password

Step 2: Review the Added Files and Start the Unlocking Process

Once your PDF files are added to the application, you can check their details, and click on the "Remove Password" button to commence the process.

unlock pdf i love pdf

Step 3: Access the Unlocked PDF Files

After the PDF unlocking process has been completed, the application will let you know the status of the results. You can just download any file from here or add more files to unlock them.

In some cases (when the PDF is protected by open password), the application will prompt you to enter the open password of the document so that it can unlock it and remove any other restriction from the document.

i love pdf unlock


I'm sure that after reading this post, you can easily remove the user or master protection locks from your PDF files. To help you, I have come up with a stepwise approach to unlock PDF with iLovePDF online. Besides that, I have also listed the pros and cons of the iLovePDF Password Remover tool that you must know in advance. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to the iLovePDF Unlock tool, then you can try aJoysoft PDF Password Remover instead.

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