How to Remove Restrictions from PDF

PDF documents are made in such a way that you can password protect them, but getting locked out of a document when you want to view it can be very frustrating at times.  There are a few ways that one can use to remove restrictions from PDF. This is where software like aJoysoft PDF Password Remover comes into play. It removes the security restrictions and enables one to view, copy, edit, and print the document.

The Best PDF Restriction Remover

aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is one of the best PDF restriction removers. It is super easy to use for removing restrictions from PDF. With only one simple click, you can remove all restrictions. As a PDF restriction remover, this tool can help you:

  • Remove permission password so that you can edit, copy, and print PDF files.
  • Remove the user password so that you can open and view the file (you need to know the user password to remove it).
  • Support batch process to improve productivity.
  • Detect what kind of password your PDF file is.

How to Remove Restrictions from PDF

Step 1. Upload PDF Files

Here, you will click on the "Add Files" button or drag and drop files onto the interface to import your PDF document. The program supports batch decryption so the user has the option of dragging many files for decryption in one single session.

upload files

Step 2. Remove PDF Restrictions without Password

There are two scenarios when it comes to the removal of PDF restrictions.

The first scenario is when the PDF document does not have a user or an open password. The document will not display a lock icon in this scenario on the PDF password remover. By clicking on the "Remove Password" button, all restrictions will be removed and you will be able to print, copy, and edit the contents of the document.

remove restrictions from pdf

Scenario two is where the PDF document is locked with an open or user password. The lock icon will be displayed on the PDF restriction remover in this situation and a prompt will tell you the document is password protected and you need to enter it for opening. By clicking the icon, a pop-up will appear where you can key the password for unlocking.

remove restrictions from pdf

Next, you can click on the "Remove Password" button to clear all the restrictions just like in the first scenario.

Why You Need to Remove Restrictions from PDF

There are several reasons why a person would want to restrict a PDF document. However, at the forefront there are two main reasons, that is: to limit access to the document and to control those who can perform editing on the document.

The methods of locking a document largely depend on the reason why you would want it protected. When you put restrictions, you will either choose to block someone from editing, printing, and copying.

The major reasons for restricting a PDF file are:

Maintaining File Integrity

When locked, there is a surety in the integrity of the contents. But after the document has served its purpose and reached its intended recipient, they would want to unlock it for printing or editing. In some situations, you may have to put an embedded form in a PDF document. In such a situation the user might lock the file so that those filling the form are not able to access the file.

Limit Access

You may choose to lock your PDF document to block unauthorized persons from viewing the contents. To protect the document confidentiality, may need to lock it for protection.  Like while doing marketing and a PDF file should be available for only those who have paid for the subscription, looking helps you to limit access. This also blocks those that the document has been shared.

Copyright Protection

A PDF file gets encrypted to prevent persons from printing and copying its contents.


Someone's work is like their identity and if left unprotected, someone may edit the file and ends p damaging your reputation. With good intentions, you can unlock a PDF document for many intentions.


With the advancement in technology, aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is on the frontline in developing a user-friendly PDF file restriction remover. This is one of the bests in the market that you should consider when thinking of a PDF restriction remover. It comes with many benefits like easy-to-use interface trusted software that is much better than the PDF restriction remover online tools used in file encryption.

For better security and better results, it is advisable to go for aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, much better and very reliable software that gives you maximum security even after you are done with the encryption work, it allows you to clear the file list for maximum security reasons.

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