How to Remove Permissions from PDF

Sometimes PDF files are password protected. It prevents others from viewing or copying the files. However, when you are about to share some PDF files with certain people, they may ask you to remove permissions from PDFs so that they can edit the PDF, copy it, or print it. 

I am today telling you about an easy way to remove permission from protected PDF files in general. And I'll tell you where you can find these online tools that can help you with this task.

How to Remove Permissions from PDF?

If you need to remove a password from a protected PDF file, try aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. With this software, you can easily remove the passwords and modify permissions.

  • PDF Password Remover has a friendly and comprehensive interface designed for anyone who needs to remove passwords from PDF files.
  • With it's feature of batch processing, you can remove passwords from multiple files in one go.
  • It also has a natural learning curve and is super fast to use.
  • Furthermore, you can modify the permissions of printing, editing, or copy-paste, and much more!

Here are the detailed steps on how to remove permissions passwords from PDF:

Step 1. Import the PDF files

To get started, upload PDFs using the "Add Files" button on the left or by dragging and dropping them onto the interface. As PDF Password Remover allows batch processing, you can also bulk import your PDF files on the interface.

upload pdf file

Step 2. Remove Permissions Password from PDF at once

If the PDF Password Remover does not show any lock, that means that the PDF files are protected from copying, editing, and printing. In that case, you can remove the protection directly by clicking the "Remove Password" button. You can remove permissions from PDF files at once using this great piece of software.

remove permissions from pdf

After doing these steps, you can copy, edit, and print the files. And it's that easy, all done! Simply select the destination folder where you want to save the output.

Tip: Now that you know how to unlock PDF permissions, you can remove these from the software interface if you no longer need them for future use. For that, you can right-click on the file and click on "Clear All" / "Remove."

What is a PDF Permissions Password?

The PDF Permissions Password is like the key which is responsible for locking and unlocking PDF files. Using this password, you can easily remove all the restrictions which are set over your page.

It's a password that can be set for individual pages and items once the permissions have been developed. It is one of the most powerful PDF tools. It helps set the password on the PDF with an encryption method which makes it difficult for unauthorized users to open, read, edit or print it. It also helps the owner restrict all these activities for a specific user(s) by adding an authorized user list.

It facilitates the following:

  1. Protect PDF files from unauthorized use
  2. Restrict access to information and help protect and restrict confidential and proprietary information and documents

Why Do You Need to Remove Permissions from PDF?

Permissions are an irritating obstacle that users will instinctively try to get around. If they can't, people will get annoyed and run away.

People put passwords on PDFs so that those who don't have the password can't read it. It is helpful to prevent unauthorized access.

If you had permission, they would give it to you by sending the file to you. But what if you don't have it? They might have had permission to see the file themselves but not share it with anyone else. In such a situation, pdf file permissions removal is handy.

Once you remove the permissions password from PDF, you can do the following:

  1. Allow editing of contents. Add your information.
  2. Enable form filling
  3. Add signature
  4. Remove default permissions
  5. Change default permissions
  6. Change restricted access

A quick summary:

You probably want to remove permissions from PDF files if you want to edit, copy, and print them. It is simple. PDF files that contain any legal information must be editable, which means you need to remove the security metadata.

Depending on how the document was created and its format, you do this in particular ways. Most Word, PPT, or Excel files can be edited even with a password, but this is not always the case with PDF files. For some PDF files, you need to use a professional application designed to decrypt passwords, such as PDF Password Remover. You can try it yourself today! It will help you in removing passwords from PDF easily and quickly!

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