How to Remove Encryption from PDF with 2 Methods

Technology has made things relatively easy to handle. Now, rather than collecting and assembling vast piles of files, journals, and registers, you can save a large amount of data in the form of soft copies. Portable Document Format (PDF) has revolutionized the documentation work. But, sometimes, you encounter snags as well when it comes to file encryption issues. Now you need to find out how to remove encryption from PDF. There are multiple online tools available for this cause, but the genuine hurdle is to decide which one is the best.

How to Remove Encryption from PDF

Removing encryption from PDF is not a big deal if you are using the right tool for it. PDF Password Remover from aJoysoft is the perfect tool to help you remove PDF encryption without password. All you should do is follow some simple and steps, and then you are done. Let's discuss those steps one by one.

Step 1. Add Files

Once you have opened the tool to remove encryption from PDF, the next step is to import the desired PDF files. You can click "Add Files" to import the selected PDF, or you can go for the drag and drop method as well. Once the PDF import is completed, you can jump to the next step.

how to remove encryption from pdf

Step 2. Remove Encryption from PDF

The second step includes the encryption removal process. At this step, you will encounter two possible scenarios.

  • The first possible condition might be that your targeted PDF does not have an Open or User password.
  • The second possible condition is that your PDF may be protected by an Open or User password.

For PDF without User Passwords:

In such a scenario, you can remove PDF encryption without a password. You will not see any lock icon in front of the PDF you just imported to remove encryption. You only need to click the "Remove Password" option available on the screen. Within a few seconds, all types of encryptions will be removed from the PDF, and you can then either print it or edit or copy the content present in it.

remove encryption from pdf

For PDF with User Passwords:

The file with User password protection will display a padlock icon in front of them. A prompt will also pop out to notify that "The file has an open password. You need to enter the password to unlock it."

To remove password encryption from PDF, you first need to click on the lock icon. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen where you have to enter the password and click "OK". At last, click on the "Remove Password", and all the restrictions will be wiped out.

remove encryption from pdf

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Step 3. Save the PDF

Once you have removed all types of restrictions from the PDF file, don't forget to save the unlocked versions of the imported file/files. After saving the unlocked files in your selected destination folder, never skip the last and another important step.

And if you want to remove the file on the application, right-click on that file in the list to clear a file and select the "Remove" option. You can also select "Clear All" this will erase all the files present in the list.

How to Remove Encryption from PDF Online

There are several online tools available from where you can remove encryption from PDF. Such as Smallpdf, iLovepdf, sodapdf, pdf2go, etc. You can easily remove encryption from PDF online with the help of them.

Here I will take Smallpdf as an example to explain the steps to remove encryption from PDF online. The steps to proceed there are pretty similar to the one mentioned above. The only difference is that now you are using an online source to remove password encryption from PDF.

Step 1. Choose File

First, you need to select the PDF file to begin the procedure. You can click on the "Choose File" option then pick the desired PDF, or you can also go for the drag and drop option.

remove encryption from pdf

Step 2. Remove Encryption from PDF Online

After that, two possible situations would be removing PDF encryption without a password or with a password.

To remove encryption from PDF without password, you need to click on the "Unlock PDF" button, and the decryption process will start.

remove encryption from pdf online

In other cases, you will have to enter the password to begin the decryption process.

remove password encryption from pdf

Once the process is completed, you can save the unlocked file by clicking on the "Download" option.

remove pdf encryption without password

Be careful during the whole process and follow all the steps carefully to get satisfactory results. Once you successfully remove all the restrictions from the desired PDF, you can use the document according to your wish and will. You can edit it, copy text from it, or you can print it as well.

How to Choose Best PDF File Encryption Remover

It is probably not an easy task. You need to be conscious while choosing a PDF file encryption remover. Everyone strives to get the best one for them. Many people often question the best PDF file Encryption remover.

There would be multiple options available, but the one that could be recommended is non-other than the aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. It is one of the best options you can go for. It has several benefits that you will enjoy. It also ensures to give its user an easy-to-use interface. Instead of choosing online tools to remove file encryption, a trusted tool would be a far better option.

Disadvantages of using online tools to remove file Encryption

Many people neither use nor recommend online tools for file encryption removal. The fourth most reason behind this is the security issues. While using an online tool, you cannot guarantee that all your data are saved, and no third party has access to it. It has been reported many times that confidential documents get hacked or copied from such platforms. Some cases also said that their papers got corrupted and couldn't recover afterward.

Advantages of using aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

To ensure security and get great results, it is necessary to go for a better and reliable tool. aJoysoft is one of them. It not only provides a trust relationship with its users, but it is also great in its performance. Its user-friendly interface adds more to its features. Even after completing the decryption process, it allows you to remove the file from the list, ensuring the maximum security level that can be achieved.

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