5 of the Best PDF Unlocker in 2021

Using a code to lock a PDF file protects it and makes it inaccessible to anyone who does not know the code. This benefit can become a drawback when you want to share the same file with multiple people. But when technological advancements come to your aid, why fear. Download a PDF unlocker software to make it easily accessible. That is it. Indeed, choosing the best among the few PDF unlocker software available is easier said than done.

Top 5 PDF Unlocker Tools

Let us now know about the top five free PDF unlocker software. It will be good to know about the availability of different kinds of tools. It will help you choose the best one suitable for your needs. When you can use any software or tool that is effective, why waste money spending a huge amount on it?

So here we go.

1. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

If your PDF file is protected with a password. This protection comes with a restriction of performing simple tasks like copying, editing, or printing them. It becomes meaningless to share some data or files in this format then. You can overcome this frustration in a few steps. You need to download the best PDF unlocker software - aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. Then import the encrypted files into the PDF password remover. It will help remove all the restrictions, including the encryption of the PDF file.

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  • The software is simple and operates with one click. It offers great productivity.
  • This elegant software provides a batch decryption feature as you can upload more than 200 files at a time.
  • The software makers offer steadfast customer service through their well-trained team that supports each customer.
  • You do not have to be a computer geek to use this. It is super easy.


Making a document in PDF format keeps it safe and protected, no doubt. But when you want to edit, merge, concise, copy, print, or do any other tasks, you cannot do them. You can overcome this shortcoming using the tool PDF2GO to unlock it. Even a not-so-tech-savvy person can use this PDF unlocker online service. It is free to use whenever and wherever you want to. The task is not time-consuming and gets completed within a few steps.

  • Open the PDF2GO website.
  • Upload the password protected PDF file or drag-drop it.
  • Enter the password if the PDF has an open password.
  • Click "Start".

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Now your PDF file is unlocked. You can print, edit, repair, make it searchable, and do many more tasks with this unlocked version of your PDF file.

The USP of this tool is you do not have to install or download any software. No manual checking of the uploaded file is allowed when you use this online service. So, it is safe and secure to use this tool.

3. SmallPDF PDF Unlocker

When you create a PDF file, it gets protected and stays safe. But the snag is you cannot edit, copy, print, or do any other tasks with this file. So, to perform these tasks, you have to unlock them. Indeed, it is easy to do so using a PDF unlocker software. You can use SmallPDF to unlock your PDF file. You can click the "Choose file" button and upload the locked PDF files. Then click the "Unlock PDF" button to start the process.

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4. PDF Password Remover Tool

Each PDF file comes with password protection. Some have an owner password, while others can have a user password. You cannot change the properties of such PDF files when you require to do so. This obstacle can hinder your work. But do not get disappointed with this. There is an option to use the software like the PDF password remover tool to unlock your PDF file. Indeed, you can use this PDF unlocker download free of cost. This tool works only when the file uses the owner password and not for the user password.

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5. SysTools PDF Unlocker

The SysTools PDF unlocker can help remove password restrictions for devices operating on mac and windows. You can unlock the protection of the PDF documents in batch.

  • Easy to use
  • Print, edit, copy, extract pages and files by removing PDF restrictions
  • Use it to unlock PDF documents protected with user passwords
  • Decrypt files with known user passwords

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These are the features of the top five PDF unlocker tools. You can check these out and know the difference between them. You may find the one provided by aJoysoft is a better program. And it can be a suitable tool to unlock your PDF files. Choose accordingly and unlock your PDF files to copy, edit, print, or do any other tasks safely. Yes, and be assured that all your data is safe whenever you use the tool. Go for it!