How to Open Password Protected PDF

Are you annoyed with password protection on PDFs? Probably, you have tried several ways but still not getting satisfactory results. Are you still looking for "How to open password protected PDF?" Well, you have just landed on the right page. To open encrypted PDF without a password, here is an excellent tool for you. Now you don't need to stress out "How to open an encrypted PDF file" any more.

How to Open Encrypted PDF without Password

For all those searching for how to open a password-protected PDF, aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is the ultimate solution for your problem. The tool is a one-click PDF decryption tool by which you can remove all the restrictions from a PDF. The product is designed with an attractive and user-friendly interface. You can remove all restrictions from a PDF in just a few clicks.

The steps for password removal operations are pretty simple. Just follow them carefully, and get the passwords removed from your selected PDF. Another great feature of the product is that it offers you to decrypt all the restrictions from multiple different PDFs in just a single click. To get a clear idea about how you need to proceed with the password removal operation, here is a step-wise guide for you, have a careful look over it.

Step 1. Add Files

The first step is to launch the aJoysoft PDF Password Remover and upload the desired file there from which you want to remove the password. Once the program is opened, click "Add Files". Click on the desired file you want to decrypt, and that file will get uploaded there. You can add files by the drag and drop method as well.

open password protected pdf

You can add more than one and can remove restrictions from all of them at a time just with a single click. Make sure to add all the files you want to decrypt.

Step 2. Remove Encryption from PDF

Once the file is uploaded, you can click on the "Remove Password" button directly. And choose a location for the unlocked file. Quite simple.

open encrypted pdf

Please note: if there is a padlock icon present on the right of the document, indicating that an open password protects the file. You just need to click on the lock icon, and enter the correct password and click "OK". Finally, click "Remove Password". Within a few seconds, the tool will remove all restrictions and open the folder where you saved the unlocked PDF.

Step 3. Open Password Protected PDF

After removing the password, the PDF you just saved could be opened easily on Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, and many different platforms that support the PDF viewing option.

1. Open Encrypted PDF with Google Chrome

Take Google Chrome as an example, right-click the PDF file, and click the "Open with" option, and then choose "Google Chrome". In this way, you can open encrypted PDF easily.

2. Open Encrypted PDF with Adobe Reader

If you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you may would like set it as the default PDF opener. If you do so, click the PDF file and it will open on Adobe Reader directly. If not, you need to right-click the PDF file, and then choose "Open with" > "Adobe Reader".

3. Open Encrypted PDF with Internet Explorer

Open password protected PDF with Internet Explorer is the same as opening it on Google Chrome. Simply drag the PDF file into your Internet Explorer will help you open it directly.

Now, you don't need to worry about opening an encrypted file or opening a password-protected PDF. The ultimate solution for all the problems, aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is here. So, without any further delay, get one for yourself.

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