How to Unlock a PDF in Preview on Mac

While making a PDF document in Mac, Windows, or Linux, you usually secure it with a password. It can either be a user or an owner password set. This protection brings with it some restrictions. It does not allow anyone to copy, edit, print or make any changes to such files. But using a PDF unlocker, you can decrypt the files and perform these tasks. And a Mac user can learn how to unlock PDF in Preview in a few steps.

How to Remove Password from PDF in Preview App

The files can be of two types. One, protected with an open password, and two, with an owner password. You can decrypt both kinds of files in preview.

To know how to remove password from PDF in Preview you follow a few easy-to-follow steps will help you how to remove password from PDF in Preview.

Situation 1: Remove Permissions Password

Step 1. Export as PDF in Preview

Open your protected PDF in Preview. After the file is opened, now you can export it to a new PDF.

Go to "File" > "Export as PDF".

how to unlock a pdf in preview

Step 2. Unlock PDF in Preciew

A new window will pop-up after you click the "Export as PDF" option. In the new window, enter the permissions password, and click the "Unlock" blue button.

preview remove password from pdf

Step 3. Save as a New PDF

Then you need to select the output folder, rename the file, and finally, click on the "Save" button.

Your file gets unlocked on Mac now.

how to remove password from pdf in preview

Situation 2: Remove Open Password

Now you have learned how to remove password from PDF in Preview for the owner password file. You can use the Preview utility to remove the open password too.

It gets done in simple steps.

  • With Preview, open the PDF file protected with a user password.
  • Enter your open password for the file in the window that opens.
  • Select export as PDF in the file section
  • Uncheck the encryption feature
  • Rename the file and save it in the desired location
how to remove password from pdf preview

Your open password protected PDF document is now eliminated from restrictions using the Preview remove password from PDF method. You can edit, print, copy, or make any changes to the file using this method- how to remove password protection from PDF in Preview.

Things You Need to Know About Removing Password in Preview

You know how to remove password from Preview in the PDF files. You can use this method to unlock any PDF files whenever you need to make changes to them. It will be helpful to know the advantages and disadvantages of using this method of mac Preview remove password from PDF.

So, you can use the mac Preview remove password from PDF effectively only for files that you know the password. And you need to unlock each file individually. Yes, and your files remain protected, and do this free of cost.

To put it in a gist

Advantages of using Preview Remove Password from PDF:

  • Eliminate the password for free
  • Unlock files
  • Files stay safe

Disadvantages of using Preview Remove Password from PDF:

  • Essential to know the password to input while unlocking the file
  • No support to unlock batch PDF documents.

The Best PDF Password Remover for Windows

Knowing how to remove password from PDF mac Preview can be helpful only when you use a mac supported computer. For a windows OS computer, you may need another PDF unlocker like aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. Using this tool, you can eliminate the password from the PDF documents. Using the free download option, install the tool on your device. Then you can use this one-click decryption tool to unlock the restrictions on your PDF file. Once it gets unlocked, you can copy, print, edit, and do other tasks on the file which were restricted.

mac preview remove password from pdf

Yes, it is safe to use this tool, and your data is not lost while removing the restrictions. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use this tool to remove your PDF password. You can unlock your files in just two steps.

  • Import your files by using the "Add Files" button. You can even drag and drop the files here.
  • By clicking on the "Remove Password" icon, you can unlock your PDF document. You may need to input the password if it is open password protected.

Once you enter it, you can remove its encryption. With removed restrictions, you can edit, copy, print or make any changes you wish to your file. You can use the free trial version to get to know more about this tool.