How to Crack PDF Password with 3 Methods

Imagine you are preparing a presentation at the office. You have downloaded a PDF with important data, and you want to copy the data to your presentation. But the PDF is restricted from copying, and editing. You are now trying to remember, but anxiety has totally numbed your brain, and you just couldn't figure out the situation. This is when you will regret it if you do not know how to crack a PDF password. We have compiled details regarding three different methods to crack PDF passwords to save you from any regret. Read all the directives carefully so that you won't miss out on anything.

How to Crack PDF File Password

To crack a PDF password, there are different options, and you can select the one that is most suitable for you. One of the most trusted methods is using a password remover, and one can easily crack a PDF password. People usually search for a product with a user-friendly interface and are quick in completing the task. According to the preference of most people and the demand of most users, the most suitable product in this regard is aJoysoft PDF Password Remover.

There are many unique features of aJoysoft that help you carry out your work easily and quickly. The unique feature is the batch process, which supports the decryption of multiple PDF files in a single click. Another attractive feature of aJoysoft is the right-click supported method to remove PDF. The product is highly trusted and secure, and you can freely use it to decrypt sensitive data PDFs.

Once you have installed aJoysoft on your PC, you need to clear your mind about a few steps. Once the steps are cleared, you don't need to bother about how to crack PDF or crack PDF file passwords. A simple and quick user guide is mentioned below to clear your query on cracking a PDF password. Go through the steps carefully you will get a clear idea about the process.

Step 1. Add Files

To begin the process, open and run the program. Once the dashboard is opened, the "Add Files" button will be visible in the centre of the screen. To upload the targeted PDF, you can click "Add Files" and select the PDF to upload it there.

Another option that you can also go for is the drag and drop method. Select the PDF, hold the cursor and drag the file to the aJoysoft window and drop the file on the point where "or Drop Files here" text is visible.

crack pdf

You can upload a single PDF, to begin with, or you can also upload multiple files at a time and can decrypt them in a single click.

Step 2. How to Crack PDF

After uploading the desired PDF or PDFs, now the next thing is how to crack password-protected PDF. At the bottom of the screen "Remove Password" button would be visible. You have to click now "Remove Password" to begin the process of decryption.

how to crack pdf file password

Once the decryption process is completed, don't forget to save the unprotected PDF on your desktop or any other location where you want. After saving the file, aJoysoft also has an option to remove the file from the product's dashboard. Right-click on the PDH, click on "Remove". The PDF will be removed permanently from there, and you don't need to worry about any sensitive data security.

How to Crack PDF Password Online

There are multiple options available that support users to crack PDF passwords online. The online password removal options are also good if you want to choose that way. But, many people resist using such platforms, mainly if the PDF they are working on contains any sensitive data. To ensure data privacy, online password removal is not the most trusted method.

Websites that offer password decryption includes pdf2go, Smallpdf, iLovepdf, and numerous others. You can determine any one of them according to your wish and will and carry out the decryption process. The steps involved to proceed with the task as more or less the same, with minor verification among different websites.

Let us consider iLovepdf to unprotect a protected PDF file. Few steps are there to work accordingly, and the process will be completed. The steps to decrypt a PDF file using iLovepdf are:

  • Log on to the official website of iLovepdf.
  • Scroll down the landing page and click "Unlock PDF".
  • Click "Select PDF Files" and upload the targeted PDF there.
  • The drag and drop option is also accessible that you can go for.
  • Now, click on "Unlock PDF" and wait for a few seconds.
  • The decryption process will take a few seconds.
  • The unprotected PDF will be downloaded on your PC.

crack pdf password online

How to Crack PDF with Google Drive

Google drive can crack PDF passwords, which is an incredible hack to carry out decryption of a PDF file. Most people are unaware of this process. The app you would need is Google Drive, and you can easily decrypt a PDF file.

Open Google Drive and Click "My Drive" > "Upload files". Select the encrypted PDF file and upload.

how to crack pdf

Once the PDF is uploaded, right-click the PDF document, choose "Open with" > "Google Docs".

how to crack pdf password

From the "File" menu, select "Download" > "PDF document (.pdf)". Select a folder in your PC where you want to save the unprotected PDF and then proceed. Google Docs will save the PDF on your PC without any restrictions. Hence, the protected PDF will be converted into an unprotected PDF without any hustle. All the data would be processed on your Google account, so there would be no security risks in case any sensitive data PDF is decrypted.

how to crack password protected pdf

Apart from the above mentioned three ways to crack PDF passwords, there are multiple other options available. You just need to be sure about your selected method, and you can quickly begin the process. Just be a little careful and don't rush, follow the steps carefully and get the decryption appropriately done.