How to Remove PDF Password with Three Easy Methods

Chafing my palm anxiously, I glanced at the horizontal dial of my table clock ticking faster than the pace of my heartbeat. With five and a half minutes left in my presentation submission, I worriedly questioned myself, "How to remove password protection from PDF" that I recently searched up for adding more weightage to my presentation. As propitiously luck would have it, I came across an PDF Password Remover ad proposing advanced solutions and a user-friendly step to step manual guide of How to remove password protection from PDF.

Very often, during routine task stretches, such as academic eBooks downloading, office presentations, Research papers, and documentation scanning, we share similar fretting concerns about removing password protection from PDF files for quick access and editing. If you have been in a similar distraught PDF file concealed password, this article will quickly fix all your PDF password removal reservations.

How to Remove Password Protection from PDF with PDF Password Remover

Far fetched, you can follow these easy steps to remove password protection from PDF and make your research process more accessible than ever.

Step 1. Upload Files

After you launch the PDF Password Remover app, you will see an "Add Files" button which upon clicking will import the PDF files. In the other way, there will be an option of "Or drop file here" where the user can drag and drop the desired PDF files in the interface.

how to remove a password from a pdf file

PDF Password Remover with its headway solution, also provides the "Batch uploading" option to the users. Users can upload as many PDF files as they need to unlock in one go.

Step 2. How to Remove Permission Password from PDF File

A PDF document secured with "Permission Password" will have no lock or password requirement to open. Although the PDF file will still have restrictions on copying, editing and printing commands.

In this case the user can disable the PDF restrictions directly by clicking the "Remove Password" button.

how to remove password protection from pdf

Step 3. How to Remove Open Password from PDF File

A PDF document secured with "Open Password" will show a pop-up saying "The document has an open password. You need to enter the password to unlock it". In this scenario the user will click the "lock" icon and enter the required password key to open the PDF file.

remove password protection from pdf

To proceed further the user will click the "Remove Password" option to remove all existing passwords in the PDF alongside disabling all the editing, copying and printing restrictions.

How to Remove Password Protection from PDF by "Print to PDF" Function

This is a trick for removing password protection from PDF. It is quite easy to do it. You can open it and print it to a new PDF file.

Below are the detailed steps on removing password protection from PDF by "print to PDF" function.

Step 1. Open PDF with Chrome Browser

Right-click your PDF document, choose "Open With" > "Google Chrome". This will open your PDF on the chrome browser.

Step 2. Click the "Print" Icon

On the top-right corner, there is a print icon, click the print icon. Or you can press "Ctrl + P".

remove unknown password from pdf

Step 3. Save the PDF without Password

On the new pop-up window, you need to change the "Destination" and choose "Save as PDF". Then click the button "Save".

how to remove password from pdf file

In the new pop-up, you name the PDF file and then choose the location for the unlocked PDF file. This is how you use the print to PDF feature to remove password from PDF files.

Please Note: This trick will only work if the PDF doesn't have any printing restrictions. And If the PDF has an open password, you need to enter the open password first.

How to Remove Password Protection from PDF with Google Drive

Google Drive is known to be a phenomenal storage, updating, and conversion tool for a multitude of documents. You can easily remove password protection from your PDF with google drive following the three simple steps:

Step no.1: Upload PDF File

On your Gmail account, you will see an option of google drive, open "My Drive," and click "Upload Files" to upload your encrypted PDF.

how do i remove a password from a pdf

Step no.2: Open the Protected PDF with Google Docs

Now right-click your cursor to "Open with" > "Google Docs" to complete the password removal halfway through.

remove password from pdf without password

Step no.3: Download as PDF to Remove PDF Password

On the final go, go to the "File" column and click the "Download" option and then "PDF document(.pdf)" for downloading your PDF document for password removal and enabling dimmed functions.

how do you remove a password from a pdf

Types of PDF Passwords Protection

Technological advancements and system modifications have tightened the security concerns of online platforms to prevent content plagiarism and piracy. As a result, the feature of "password" has emerged as a mandate facet for users and accessors to maintain strict privacy policies. Correspondingly, PDFs are secured with well-fortified passwords, which are challenging to remove. Thus, grasping the crux of "password," it is significant to break down the term into its two main types, i.e., open and permission passwords.

Open Password

An "Open Password," also known as a user password, requires the user to put in the password key before opening a PDF file. If a PDF file is protected with an open password, it cannot be accessed by any means unless the user types in the required key. These documents can be expenditure bills, bank statements, eBooks, transaction slips, etc. To protect the confidentiality of the records, open passwords were brought to active function for.

Permission Password

On the other end, Permission Passwords enable users to easily access a PDF without making significant changes to the existing PDF file. For example, If a user wishes to add or deduct the PDF content alongside printing it afterward, A permission password does not promote copying, editing, or printing of the PDF, maintaining its privacy. A permission password is also known as a Master password since it allows a user to have quick access to a PDF regardless of its size or origin.

The Situations You Need to Remove Password Protection from a PDF File

In an attempt to learn several easy and efficient methods of unlocking PDFs by removing their passwords, it is integral to identify the situations where password protection removal is applicable and necessary.

In today's era of vast technological advancements, manual systems have been significantly replaced with the online exchange of documents.PDF files are no longer a part of the entire operations. Instead, it has become a routine practice to exchange PDF documents for people belonging to a multitude of professions. A few situational examples are quoted below for demonstrating the ideal situations where a PDF file password removal is integral for quick access.

While conducting extensive research on different topics, researchers from all levels and domains tend to access the previously conducted research to add pragmatic concreteness to their new findings. This factor prompts the password removal from PDFs for smooth proceedings. Similarly, in the corporate and academic set-ups, the concept of eBooks, documents, notes, and even online assignment submission facilities has provoked a large segment of internet users to amplify their work efficiency by protecting their PDFs and accessing the protected PDFs for smooth proceedings.


Technological advancements, hitting the hike, have elevated password innovation in contrast to the rapid modification of the telecommunication industry. It has enabled multiple online mediums to be utilized to send and receive various documents. The manual systems have been considerably replaced with the online exchange of documents. PDF files are no longer an isolated part of only exclusive operations. Instead, it has become a routine practice to exchange PDF documents for people from many professions. "How to remove password protection from PDF" has become a mandate directive for users to quickly access and remove restrictions from a PDF file for offsetting work progress.

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