What to Do if I Forgot PDF Password?

Lost password to a PDF file and don't know how to open it? Don't panic. No matter how much importance we give to password management, sometimes the most confident of us might end up losing them. Although PDF doesn't have the built-in ability to remove security, it is still easy to remove security with these simple steps. You can also remove password from protected PDF, which has restrictions for printing, copying, etc. 

What to Do if I Forgot My PDF Password?

You may simply remove passwords from PDF if you forgot the password. This process will save you the next time you worry and say, "I forgot my pdf password."

Here, we will use aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. This tool helps you easily remove lost or forgotten passwords that are set on your protected PDF files. Also, it is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP and Windows Vista. Let's take a look at the steps that empowers you to remove password from PDF file.

Step 1. Upload PDF Files

Click on the "Add Files" option of the password remover tool. There is a provision by which you can drag and drop all of the files in one go onto the interface. This functionality is useful when you want to remove passwords from files in batches (in one go).

forgot pdf password

Step 2. Unlock Forgot Password

After the file(s) are uploaded, there could be two scenarios. Either it would request you to enter the password, or it won't. Let us discuss both these scenarios one by one.

In most situations, the PDF documents will have permissions password only. The permissions password can protect the PDF from copying, editing, and printing. In this case, you can simply upload the file and click "Remove Password" directly. It will remove the permissions password quickly. 

forgot pdf password without software

In the second scenario, a small lock icon appears on the document list. It means that this document has an open password or a user password. You need to click the lock and enter the password and click "OK" to unlock it. Then click on "Remove Password" now. 

i forgot my pdf password

After this process is complete, you can select the folder location where you want to export the final PDF document, which now doesn't contain any password restriction to open it.

Tip: The password removal tool interface gives you an option to retain documents imported or remove them all once you're done with it. If you no longer wish to retain these files on the interface, simply remove them from there. 

Online Solutions for Forgot PDF Password Situation

There are different ways you can unlock your password-protected PDF files, depending on how it was created. You might get tense while taking help from this software due to the high cost, which is almost equal to your lost product value. But you can deal with this problem by utilizing the Online Solutions for Forgot PDF Password Tool.

Let's take an example of the "ilovepdf" password remover. Here's how to use it if you forgot PDF password:

1. Go to ilovepdf website and choose the “Unlock PDF” option.

2. Click the “Select PDF files” button and choose the target PDF file to upload.

3. Hit the “Unlock PDF” button on the right bottom corner.

forgot pdf password to open online free

There you go, you have your document ready for download.

It is an easy solution, but not the best one. There are some disadvantages associated with this tool. Well, first of all, it is quite unsafe to do that on the internet and there might be viruses on tools you download online.

  • Any information and other data stored in your PDF file can be accessed and read by others.
  • This will bring you embarrassment if those files are distributed to people according to your requirements.
  • You may receive a fake document download link.
  • The PDF file can crash as soon as you upload it online and your precious data could be easily lost.

A quick summary:

If you want to forgot pdf password to open online free, know that it's easy. There is software that can easily remove PDF passwords in mere minutes. If you do forget your PDF password, there are plenty of ways to get it back. Just make sure to try the suggested methods one at a time, or else you could end up locking yourself out even further!

The best option here is to use aJoysoft PDF Password Remover. By doing so, you'll be able to unlock the protected PDF document and enjoy full access to it. 

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